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good morning. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's october 3rd, 2012. denver will host the first presidential debate. tracie potts is in dever with more on the night's face-off. >> reporter: the stage is set for tonight's debate. while mitt romney took a break from practice to get a burrito, president obama visited hoover dam.
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aids say they are coaching the president to keep his answers short and be aggressive. romney is practicing how not to get irritated. >> the president could take it away. mitt romney has to have a good night to get the trajectory of the race to change. >> reporter: the new nbc poll shows romney with momentum, just three points behind president obama. more voters than ever think the economy is improving. what are they listening for tonight? >> i would like to hear some, you know, firm stances on positio positions, definitely some good debate. both the candidates thinking on their feet. >> reporter: inundated with ads, some residents say they won't watch the debate. >> i already know who i'm voting for. i don't want to hear it anymore. >> reporter: in the poll, six in ten found the debates somewhat
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important or not at all. >> mitt romney's campaign called the debate a restart of the campaign. right now, the republican presidential nominee trails president obama by 3% of likely white voters. that is within the polls margin of error. the president leads by seven points among all registered voters. you can watch tonight's debate here on nbc 4. nbc news live team coverage begins at 9:00. that brings us to our poll question. will you watch tonight's debate? let us know on news 4 today facebook. after a foggy morning, it's turning really humid, really humid. >> it feels more like august out there. hey, tom, good morning. >> we are going to call it augtober, not october. we have a live view from the
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camera. a few patches of blue over the potomac. a few patches of sunshine breaking out. here is the view over space. the morning fog is dissipating. there's quite a bit of cloudiness rolling through the area. a lot of sun now. southern maryland, they have a lot of sun there. it's steamy and warm. cloudiness west of i-95 into the mountains. the areas in the yellow and oranges are hitting the 70s and 80s. where it's orange, it's hitting 80. the areas in green are still in the 60s. reagan national is at 75. closer, around the metro area, montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county, low and mid-70s. we are jumping to the 80s throughout the afternoon. details on that. big changes for the weekend coming up in a few minutes.
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back to you. >> i hope the changes are for the good. >> don't turn the air-conditioning off just yet. two teenagers are in the hospital after being hit by a car on their way to school. they were walking around 7:00 this morning. the driver lost control and crashed into the guardrail. they are expecting to be okay. the driver had to be pulled from the car. his or her condition is unknown at this point. the crash comes on a day when thousands of kids flooded sidewalks for walk to school day. it's aimed at getting kids moving. melissa mollet joined the walkers in silver spring. >> reporter: these are some of the millions of students celebrating international walk to school day today. they're a little bit excited. >> walk to school day! >> reporter: we are on our way to charles brew elementary school in silver springs, hundreds of tennis shoes
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pounding the pavement. the kids with signs and smiles excited for something new to many of them. something different from their normal school day. >> walk to school day because it's fun and i get to walk with all my friends. >> the kids are excited. they all made posters. it's very fun to be here. >> reporter: it's been around since 1994. it started in britain in 1997. it caught on here in the u.s. 5,000 schools here are expected to participate along with students from 40 countries around the world. in all, more than 3 million kids will walk. >> this is your first year doing the walk to school day? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you think? >> it's great. >> reporter: how do you like it? >> because i like walking. >> reporter: the idea to talk with students about the importance of physical activity, raise their concern for the environment and focus on the need for safer routes for
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walking. >> it represents what can happen in a split second. two teenagers hit not far froo here. >> the fire chief put his walking shoes on along with councilmembers and local officials joining students, staff and parents. >> i think the kids absolutely love it. if it were up to the kids, they would do this every day. >> reporter: to end the morning, a performance for us, a song about pedestrian safety as they geared up for this year's walk to school day. this isn't the end of it. many of these kids say they plan to walk home as well at the end of the day. in silver spring, maryland, melissa mollet. >> folks driving this afternoon should keep an eye out for the kids walking. >> yes, they should. danella sealock has the latest on the traffic. >> good morning.
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it was a tough commute. now, things are looking a lot better. a lot of fender benders because of fog earlier. the road looks clear. i want to show you the american legion bridge. road work is blocking the left lane here. volume is still very low. stick to the right and you'll get by without issues. looking good on the beltway. both inner loop and outer loop clear. no accidents to report. when i return, i'm going to look at i-95 and the beltway in virginia. back to you. >> thanks. right now, d.c. councilmembers are discussing lowering fines for people caught speeding. most firth time offenders see a fine of $150. they have gone up 500% in four years. it has many drivers complaining the program is there to raise revenue, not encourage safer driving. >> martin o'malley plans to introduce a surcharge that would let utility companies charge you
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more for much needed improvement. it allows pepco to add $1 or $2 to pay for maintenance upgrades. in change they have to meet stricter reliability problems and have a tougher time to increase bills in the future. they are rewarding the companies for not paying for the maintenance themselves. an alert for per people in purserville. officials hope the water will be okay to drink by tomorrow evening. the sole survivor of a firy crash in chevy chase goes on trial and maintains he is not responsible for the crash. he was a passenger in a stolen toy owe ta echo that crashed and burst into flames earlier this year. richardson was charged with car theft. he says he's not guilty and
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filed a civil suit against the police alleged officers were the ones responsible for the crash. >> improperly handled the pursuit involving mr. richard southern and the other occupants of the vehicle. standards were not followed. >> police maintain they did nothing wrong and they followed standard law enforcement procedure. a man charged with hitting a pedestrian driving drunk this weekend has a history of driving troubles. 22-year-old tyler wills was arrested saturday after a dui. the victim from richmond remains in a coma. now, we have learned wills has been charged or cited in four other incidents in the area since march. they range from speeding to reckless driving. this morning, police are investigating a deadly stabbing. the man was stabbed to death around 8:00 at 30th street and
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nailer road in d.c. they shut down nailer road to search for clues. they are looking for multiple suspects. police have not released a motive in this case. coming up, why a man is refusing to get off the roof of st. peters basilica. the maneuvers taken high above the earth. swusz.
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we are following a developing story. at least 40 people dead after an attack if syria's largest city. the death toll is still climbing. three suicide bombers detonated near a military officers club. scores of people trapped under rubble. more than 30,000 have been killed since the uprising began last yeemplt. there is a highly visible
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protest against italy's austerity measures at the v vatic vatican. a sm a small business owner gained access to the dome and holds a protest banner. they are trying to find a safe way to bring him down. a friend told reuters he owns a beach bar and rents beach umbrellas to sunbathers. it could favor multinational companies over small businesses like his. there are new health concerns about a contractor held in cuba. they fear he may have cancer. a radiologist looked at ct scans. they diagnosed it as a hematoma that would disappear. the radiologist says it's more serious because he's lost a lot
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of weight. he's serving a 15-year sentence for providing internet e quipt. the international space station is being forced to move tomorrow to avoid hitting debris. the space station making maneuvers like this when the likelihood exceeds one in 10,000. space junk is becoming a growing problem for the space industry. six astronauts were on board. >> i guess that could be a problem. >> traffic cop up there with the satellites. >> a lot of things going around up there. >> we have been launching space since the '60s. a lot of them haven't come down. >> tell us about this weather. it was so foggy this morning. >> then it disappeared. like magic. >> is it gone? >> it's gone, like magic. i'll prove it to you. this is what it looked like. the capital building, two hours
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down into 30 seconds. look how the fog swirled around the capital dome around midnight at 3:00 this morning. you can see how a subtle shift in the wind gave a difference in how much fog there was. the fog lowered and was thick around dawn. right now, as we look at how it looks out in west virginia, this photo just sent in by a viewer, they have near-peak color. this is near bartow, west virginia. it was sent in to weather at there's a live view from the city camera. you can see patches of blue and also some flying insects around the lens. there's the washington monument. 75 at reagan national. dew point is steamy at 68. that's more like august humidity. here in october, we have a light
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southwesterly breeze and the temperatures around the metro area in the low 70s. fairfax and arlington county and the district. low to mid-70s. montgomery county, upper 60s to near 70. chesapeake bay, mid to upper 70s. look at the visibility we have now, ten miles or greater. it was down to less than a quarter mile. all the airports showing the fog is gone, visibility up to ten miles or greater. as we look at what's happening, we have had this general southerly flow tapping in the humidity off the caribbean and all the way up into our region. we are going to see a shift in the winds tomorrow into the north and west. that will bring in drier air. here is what may happen over 24 hours. cloudiness throughout the afternoon. thursday might get a passing shower predawn. otherwise, we clear out thursday afternoon. thursday night, clear and getting cool by friday morning down near 60.
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a beautiful pattern on friday with bright sunshine. this is what the skies will look like for the rest of the afternoon. partly sunny, rather humid. the more sun that breaks out, the hotter. ought to hit the mid-80s for a high by the next three or four hours. this evening, if you are heading out, sunset, 6:45. mild and humid. mid-70s by midnight. near 70 by dawn tomorrow. the lower humidity moves in by thursday. a beautiful pattern thursday evening into friday. low humidity, great weather moves in. the first part of the weather looks nice. might get a shower sunday morning. the weekend looks great and cooling down. 40s in the morning monday and tuesday. afternoon a high of 60. >> a game at nationals stadium? >> it's an afternoon game. >> that's right. >> should be good. go nats. >> the hottest story in town right now. >> it's huge.
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>> out to the roads we go. take a look at traffic. >> any changes to report? >> looking at construction in the area. look at the outer loop of the beltway in virginia. you can see two of the left lanes are blocked by the road work there. if you are traveling along i-95 southbound at prince william parkway, the left lane is blocked. also, the hov lanes. road work is taking place in that area. southbound to prince william parkway. the travel speed 58 miles per hour. that drive is taking 14 minutes. back to you both. >> thanks a lot. >> it's 19 minutes after 11:00. still ahead, a new report on popular supplements. who says they don't live up to the makers claims. plus, we are live at nationals park for the final game of the regular season this afternoon. we are talking live to the owner about the excitement building for the playoffs that start this weekend. here is a look at what's hot on want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
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we are just about an hour and a half away from the final regular season game for the washington nationals. this year fans have a lot to look forward to, the playoffs. joining us live from nationals park is one of the owners of the team, marla. good morning. >> good morning, barbara. >> thanks for joining us today. this is an exciting day. this could make you the number one seed team in the country if they win tonight. >> i know. my bags are packed, but i don't know where we are going. we are waiting and rooting them on as we have been doing all season long. >> tell us what it's been like for your family. a year ago, could you imagine you were filling the stadium like you are these days? >> you know, i think we all suspected that the fans
11:24 am
attendance would catch on and that we would have an increase at the bump. i think more people had confidence we were a growing team. but, could we ever have anticipated we would be number one in major league baseball, not to say, not to mention be the national league east division champions, i don't think anybody expected that. that was in the future, not this year. >> your dad never lost hope this was a city that would embrace baseball again, right? >> we were talking last night about griffith stadium. he remembers so well the walk over to griffith stadium from his home. it was in his blood, his dna. i think he always remembered the love and fur ver washington has.
11:25 am
>> tell us about the washington dream foundation. >> we have so much going on. the foundation is going to be a thrilling year, 2013 as well for us. we are building the washington national diabetes care complex. it's going to be a state of the art facility, a real upgrade from what children's has right now to serve children with type one and type two diabetes in the region. it should be open late spring. we are breaking ground in january for the washington national youth baseball academy, which is going to be in ward seven, serving ward seven and eight. it's a year round program, baseball, softball and academic enrichment. >> it's wonderful. important for our community. >> yeah. >> we know there's going to be the annual race with jefferson, redskin don and washington.
11:26 am
are you going let teddy win this year? >> you know, um, i have to say that it's up to teddy. teddy's got to get his act together and get out there and do some training and bring it home. i think it's teddy in 2012. i'm rooting for him. >> it certainly is the nationals in 2012. thank you for coming in early for the game. there are empty seats behind you. >> the people are already streaming in. it's still early. an hour and a half before game time. it's a gorgeous day, october 3rd, what a gorgeous day. the end of an amazing season. just been magical. so, i suspect the seats will be filled. >> your mother said there probably will be a parade if it goes as you hope? >> she's horse from her
11:27 am
screaming. >> thank you so much for joining us from nationals stadium where there's a lot of activity going on right now. thanks a lot. and we are looking for pictures of the d.c. areas biggest nats fans. photos of your kids, pets or yourself decked out. we may use them on air or on send your photos to >> if they win, they would play the winner of atlanta and st. louis. they play on friday. the winner moves on to meet the nats. that would start on sunday. the fever is building. >> it certainly is. >> the time is 11:27. coming up in a half hour, help wanted for this dog stabbed seven times. >> to the person who wrote me that letter, do you think i don't know that? >> plus, more from the news anchor criticized for being too
11:28 am
fat. why her responsz e is getting a lot of attention.
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right now, president obama and mitt romney are preparing for their first presidential debate that takes place tonight denver. romney has been in the mile high city for a few days prepping for the debate. the president has been hunkered down in nevada. >> mitt romney's campaign called tonight's debate a restart of the campaign. this morning on the "today" show, stephanie cutter and former republican candidate rick santorum laid out what both candidates hope to accomplish in denver. >> i think the test for both candidates is who is going to lay out a vision, a details, specific vision of how to move the country forward. i think the candidate that does that will win the test. american people are going to sit
11:32 am
at home looking for details. president obama is going to continue to do that. he's been having that conversation for some time. mitt romney has not done that. tonight offers him the opportunity to do that. >> we are not talking about accomplishing a lot. two or three things to accomplish. one is to show he is in command, he's in control, he understands the job of the presidency. he put barack obama on the defense where he should be given his horrific record on the economy and national security. i think he will do that and be tough with the president. i don't think the president will react well to that. i think that will be the key moment of the night. >> president obama and mitt romney will square off in two more debates, the next is october 16th in up state new york. paul ryan and vice president biden will have theirs next thursday. you can watch it here on nbc 4.
11:33 am
coverage begins at 9:00. will you watch tonight's debate? i will. let us know on the news 4 today facebook page. one of d.c. councilmembers o opponents are raising questions about a group he once ran. he wants the irs to audit the foundation. it lost its tax exempt status in 2010 because it hadn't filed tax returns for the previous three years. michael brown said he hadn't dealt with it since 2008. the humane society is asking for your help for a dog that was stabbed. the 2-year-old dog was stabbed by her owner during a domestic dispute. she's recovering in a local hospital. cocoa will need extensive rehab.
11:34 am
she's on a lot of medication. the owner was arrested. more charges could be filed. let's head out to talk to tom kierein about the forecast for today. >> you keeping cool outside on that storm team 4 weather deck? >> you know what? it is rather humid. you wouldn't think it was october. i have a song bird over here serenading me. what's that? what month is it? i'm not sure, it feels more like august than october. around the region we have had a lot of fog. that brings a lot of humidity. it's still in place. the fog lifted. there's a live vie from the nbc 4 city camera. you can see the blue showing through. sunshine is breaking through in the northwest as well. over the last couple hours, we have seen the fog dissipate. the cloud cover breaking up. there's a lot of sun in southern maryland and north central virginia from quantico to fredericksburg. that area is getting a lot of
11:35 am
sun. it's going to be the hottest area. under that sunshine, they are hitting the low 80s, those areas in orange. areas in yellow in the 70s. low to mid-70s around washington. still in the 60s in blue ridge and shenandoah valley. low to mid-80s, it's more like late august than early october. low humidity moves in tomorrow. gorgeous pattern thursday, friday, saturday. cool mornings, afternoon highs around 80. then maybe showers sunday morning. cooling off sunday afternoon with sun back. monday, tuesday, it's going to feel like autumn. that's the way it looks. >> all right. thank you, tom. a look at the midday traffic now. >> someone didn't get the purple memo. >> i know. your tie, barbara's dress. i'm never getting ccd on this
11:36 am
color coordination days. let's head to the road kays. i-270 things look good. a live look making your way northbound and southbound, the travel lanes are open. really between germantown and rockville, no issues for you. i-66, clear here as well. as you make your way past fairfax county, no accidents to report. i-95 southbound still seeing construction blocking the left lane. keith, over to you. >> this week marks ten years since the sniper attacks. for weeks, walking through a parking lot or filling up at a gas station became a frightening experience. when it was over, ten people were kill and three others hurt. it's changed the lives of the victim's families. it was also a trying time for law enforcement. >> a lot of training has changed. >> reporter: on the night of october 2nd, 2002. this lieutenant was a seasoned
11:37 am
cop. worked as two weeks as the spokesperson. ten years later, she shares the lessons learned during the d.c. sniper case. >> we were dealing with catastrophic events, whether they are manmade or natural, how we all respond. >> we have to hope for change. you know, sometimes it's all in our attitude. >> reporter: it's been ten years since sonny buchanan was killed mowing his grass. in his memory, his sister helped raise tens of thousands of dollars in college and summer camp scholarships through an organization called sonny's kids in what's been years of a nationwide economic downturn. that money has made a difference. for college? >> or any post educational school, whether it's technical
11:38 am
or kozmatology. anything that is education beyond high school. >> healing comes to in the face of a 16-month-old baby girl. she's named for the grandfather she will not have a chance to know. 31 minutes after sonny buchanan was shot, he was putting gasoline into his taxi when he, too, was killed by a bullet that seemed to come from nowhere. years after sadness for his family lessened by the joy brought by the baby. >> especially my mom. she lost her best friend. it was definitely the hardest on her. i just have not seen her so happy since my daughter has been born. >> reporter: there will be a prayer vigil held at 6:30 thursday at the united methodist church in gaithersburg. it will honor the memories of the sniper victims. jackie bensen, news 4. the redskins announced their
11:39 am
support for a new casino. team ownership released a statement endorsing question seven saying it's a tremendous opportunity for prince gorges keown atnd all of maryland to create thousands of good paying jobs and help provide dollars for services. it's one of the hotly debated topics this election season. clergy and community activists rallied outside the administration building. what a local news anchor said to viewers in a small town in wisconsin is making international headlines today. listen. >> i was surprised indeed to witness that your physical condition hasn't improved for many years. surely you don't consider yourself a suitable example for this community's. >> that was part of an e-mail sent to a news anchor in wisconsin. livingston decided the e-mail went too far.
11:40 am
yesterday, she responded to it on the air. >> i am much more than a number on a scale. what really angers me about this is there are children who don't know better, who get e-mails as critical as the one i received or worse each and every day. >> her response went viral over the internet and social media. this morning, she talked to the "today" show about why this is different from other ones received in the past. >> i can deal with being called fat or obese. it was calling me a bad role model that really rubbed me the wrong way. not only a bad role model for the community, but for young girls in particular. i'm the mother of three girls. i felt like that was an unfair judgment. >> the viewer who wrote the e-mail says he stands by what he wrote saying given the nation's problem with obesity, he feels livingston could inspire thousands by getting healthy and in shape.
11:41 am
>> talk about having three daughters. if she can teach them to stand-up for bullying, she can stand-up for herself. >> she felt like that's what she was doing. >> the time is 11:40. a disturbing new report on the growing number of suicides in this country. plus, the supplements the government says do not do what the labels claim. stay with us, we'll be r
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11:44 am
stocking up on vitamin d to fight off colds may be a waste of your time and money. researchers in new zealand studied patients getting high doses of vitamin d. they found no difference in the number of colds. the study published in this month's journal of the american medical association. a report says some supplements may not be what they seem. the health and inspector general says many weight loss in immove boosting supplements make false claims. some claim to cure diabetes and cancer. the report did not name any specific products. we are getting a sneak peak
11:45 am
at the "today" show's interview with mark zuckerberg. he told matt lauer he wears the same thing every day. he has 20 identical gray t-shirts. he keeps his shirts in one drawer and his wife rules the closet. you can watch the full interview of zuckerberg tomorrow on the "today" show here on nbc 4. stocks are higher at this hour. let's check in with cnbc. we are joined live with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. >> hello. we have stocks in positive territory. after better than expected news on private sector jobs. the dow is up 40 points, nasdaq up 16 and s&p up six. two days ahead of friday's government jobs report, a survey of private sector jobs reports came in better than expected. adp says companies put 164,000
11:46 am
more workers on the payroll. service companies employ 90% of the work force. i's not enough to put a dent in the 8.1% unemployment rate. another leading indicator, the institute for supply says nonmanufacturing grew at the fastest pace. crude oil futures are down more than $3 to $88 a barrel. concerns over the economic slowdown in europe, china and the u.s. means less global demand. just in time for tonight's first presidential debate, jetblue airlines is announcing a new marketing gimmick for americans planning to leave the country if the other guy wins. jetblue says it will give away 2012 seats or round flights for customers on the losing battle between president obama and mitt romney. go to the website, enter the
11:47 am
contest for a chance to win a temporary escape to the caribbean or mexico. barbara, back to you. >> i guess it depends on which side you are on, who you would like to win that. would you like to try? >> what is jetblue going to do for the folks in france, the millionaires worried about the 75% tax rate and they are threatening to leave the country. >> true. it's still going on over there. thank you. have a great day. >> always great to be with you guys. cdc is reporting suicide has overtaken deaths. suicide by military personnel is on the rise. we have more on the problem and how to prevent suicide. this is a tough subject to talk about. nobody wants to talk about it. how many people commit suicide in the united states each year? >> last year, 38,000 people who committed suicide. it's a large number.
11:48 am
what's larger is it's estimated 1 million people every year in the united states attempt suicide. >> how do those rates compare to other countries? >> they are about the same as in australia and canada. but, it's actually lower than in countries like russia, japan and korea. in russia, the suicide rate is five times what it is here in the united states. >> is there a reason for the differences? is there anything going on in those countries that make people more suicidal than here in the united states? >> i think economic issues related and cultural aspects. certain sultures, it's not as unacceptable to make a suicide attempt. there's religion that has something to play. some of the arab countries, the suicide rates are lower than the united states. >> how do the rates vary based on age and gender in. >> men are much more likely to successfully complete a suicide. the suicide rate for men is four
11:49 am
times that of women. women are three times as likely to attempt suicide. as far as age is concerned, the peak time for men, for all people to make a suicide attempt is between ages 40 and 60. >> you and i were speaking on a commercial break, it's turning up in teenagers. why do you see so many teenagers contemplating suicide? >> the number of teens that think about suicide according to a cdc study is 20%. 20% of teenagersn a given year will seriously consider suicide. 5% will make a suicide attempt, 2% will have such a serious suicide attempt it will land them in the hospital and they will require treatment. i think it has to do with the difficulties of being a teenager. the rates of suicide attempt in this country has gone up 200% since the 1950s. i also think it has to do with the fact that teenagers are very
11:50 am
impulsive and suicide, in many cases is an impulsive act. a lot of people are depressed when they make a suicide attempt. not everybody is depressed. a study showed on average people thought about suicide for ten minutes before making a suicide attempt. >> this is an overly broad question and you have been asked a lot, but what do you think is the biggest reason people think of taking their own life? once you take it, you don't get it back. >> i think that people, when they get depressed, their brain becomes so altered they just don't see any hope. they are really thinking to themselves suicide makes sense in the moment. i have talked to dozens of people who made serious suicide attempts and survived. many times, the vast majority of times a day or two days later, they say, i can't believe what i did. i can't believe i was thinking that made sense in the moment. >> what should you look for in a
11:51 am
loved one and how do you encourage people to prevent suicide? >> you obviously want to be careful if somebody is expressing suicidal thoughts. take it seriously. don't say come on, don't be serious about that, you would never do something like that. life is too valuable. you need to question them about it. talk about suicide. talking about it decreases the likelihood that people are going to attempt it. you want to find out if they have a plan. there's a difference between thinking about it and taking the next step, which is planning what you might do. get them mental health treatment and remove all medications, pills, guns any type of weapons that might be in the house. get rid of them. those are very lethal and people in that moment, they might make a mistake and do something they can never take back. >> doctor, definitely a subject no one wants to touch on. we have to find an answer for
11:52 am
it. >> i agree. >> thank you for stopping by. the time is 11:51. coming up, the major league baseball strikeout that's getting attention. tom kierein w
11:53 am
11:54 am
well, toods is a special day for the first couple. today, mr. and mrs. obama are
11:55 am
se celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. she stopped by steve harvey to talk about what she might give the president. >> i've gotten him every golf thing you can imagine. i had to dig deep. >> let me tell you something. >> what's that? >> that's on my bucket list. >> what? >> to play golf with my husband? i could give him that as a gift. >> the first lady also helped harvey answer an audience question during the ask steve segment. you can watch the appearance here on nbc 4 at 2:00. it's not quite christmas but time to selection a white house christmas tree. last year, it came from wisconsin. this year, from north carolina. officials with visit peek farms to pick the tree. it's named the 2012 national
11:56 am
christmas tree association grand champion. contest winners provided the official white house christmas tree since 1966. thousands of baseball fans will have fond memories of being at a late season game between two of the worst teams in the national league. >> 0-2 pitch. swing and a miss. he strikes out. you know what? he made it back. he got his bat back. >> that's because they got to see adam greenberg's comeback. he struck out pinch hitting in the sixth inning. it was his second career at bat. he was hit in the head on the first pitch he ever saw in the major leagues. it appeared to be career ending as his career was beginning. the marlins eventually offered him a one-day contract and a chance to step to the plate again. >> it's going to last an eternity for me. however long it was, 33 more
11:57 am
seconds than i could ever have asked for. >> greenberg was playing against the marlins seven years ago when he was hit by the pitch. ift was the marlins who gave him his second chance. we are going to look at the stories we are following at 4:00. pat lawson muse joins us in the news room. >> coming up today, a butler who admits stealing from the pope. why he was trying to help the catholic church. in get healthy for life, why having a dog is good for your health. it could make you less likely to get sick. then, at 5:00, this man's car was stolen when it was found, he had to pay hundreds of dollars to get it back. the news 4 i team shows why it happened and where people can go to get help. this is the latest news starting at 4:00. barbara? >> thank you. a last look at the forecast. >> the sun is breaking out. near 80 in southern maryland. to the west, in the 70s to upper
11:58 am
60s where they are getting a few sprinkles. more sun breaking out as we progress into the mid-80s. lower humidity, beautiful on thursday, friday and saturday. maybe showers sunday morning. see you tomorrow morning. >> we look forward to that. >> that's news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 11:00. hope you plan to join us for that. until then, have a terrific day. see you in the morning.
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